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With the average year temperature amounting to 22 centigrade, Costa Blanca is likely to be one of the best places to play golf within the whole Mediterranean coast. We are given the possibility of doing this sport all year long. There are 15 golf courses including the famous La Manga Golf Club, considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe. The following sport events were held here: Spanish Open, Spanish PGA Championships, Spanish Junior Championships, Ladies’ Spanish Open and Senior Spanish Open. Other golf areas in the area include:
La Manga Golf Course - Costa Leisure golf transfers

  • Golf and Country Club La Marquesa
  • Club de Golf VillaMartin
  • Club de Golf Las Ramblas de Orihuela
  • Golf La Finca
  • Campo de Golf El Plantio
  • Golf and Spa Bonalba
  • La Serena Golf
  • La Torre Golf Resort
  • Mar Menor Golf Resort

The 170 square meter bay Mar Meno is famous for its transparent and warm water, even in winter, mild winds and quiet bays. It attracts sailors, water skiers and windsurfers from all over Europe. It is a perfect place to learn, because shallow water extends to few hundred meters along the coastline. The amateurs of adrenaline rush are also attracted by this place. The kite surfers almost fly floating on the surface of the open sea waves, drawn by the kites attached to the windsurfing desks.

There are some amazing and incredible places for diving - Mazarrón and Aguilas, where there are two protected areas of Cabo Cope and Cuatro Calas. The best conditions are provided in Reserve de Cabo de Palos. 50 ship wrecks from different centuries can be found alongside the long underwater mountain range. These can be found from 3,6 to 50 meters deep.
5 ship wrecks lie close to the underwater rock of Baja de Fuero. One of them is "El Sirio", which hit the rock one hundred years ago and sank with almost five hundred people on board. it was one of the biggest sea disasters alongside the Spanish coastline.
The museum Centro de Interpretacion de Cabo de Palos exhibits some plates and cups taken from this wreck. The greatest success of the divers was the discovery of two Phoenician boats, 2700 years old close to the port of Mazzaron, the oldest town in the area. Diving schools can be found without any problems. The instructors are there for you to help you discover the fascinating underground world. Many places offer PADI – the international method of teaching, considered to be funny and safe at the same time.
The underground world here is known for its abundance of fish and sea creatures of different shapes, colors and sizes.

Flamingi - National Geographic PLWildlife reserves can also be found here as well as protected areas with the unique fauna and flora. The numerous groups of flamingos live here around the salty lakes.
Between the cape Cabo de Palos and the islands Hormigas there is a great sea life reserve, a visit to a local regional park Salinas de San Pedro or the park Calblanque is also an incredible experience.

Tourist can use a lot of marine rental equipment (surfing, boats, water bikes, scooters etc.).
You can go on a ship trip to the island Isla Perdiguera – one of the five islands located at Mar Menor.

The cyclists can enjoy kilometers of cycling paths.

Fishing amateurs will be satisfied with fish abundance both in the bay of Mar Menor and in the ocean. The perfect conditions in the area contributed to the existence of the following species: squids, vampire squids, octopus, gilt-head breams, flathead mullets, fish from the family of Epinephelinae, cattle-fish and many other rare species.

Ski amateurs will need to drive 2,5 hour to move from the beach to the mountains (Sierra Nevada) where skiing is perfectly possible during summertime and wonderful winter landscape can be admired.
You need to experience it on your own, you are warmly welcome!